Rey Lear, World Premiere 2009

The world premiere of Rey Lear (King Lear), a flamenco Ballet inspired by the great Shakespearian Tragedy King Lear, will be presented on April 1, 2009 at the Manuel Artime Theater as part of the Miami Dance Festival. Ballet Flamenco La Rosa brings to life the classic themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, rivalry, righteousness and greed, using Flamenco as a language to interpret the characters and relationships in this great play.
Under the direction of Ilisa Rosal, soloists Jose Junco, Virginia Moreno, and Celia Fonta will join guest artists Gabriel Arango, Gustavo Friedenberg and Carolina Catalan to create the characters of Shakespeare's drama.
This production incorporates live music, created and arranged by Guitarist-Singer Paco Fonta in collaboration with company dancers and choreographers. Artists from the U.S, Argentina and Spain bring to this production the spellbinding and earthy power of Flamenco dance at its best. With its spectacular footwork, precise athleticism and vibrant energy, Flamenco is at once sensual and spiritual, raw and refined, and filled with both restrained passion and electrifying release, making it a powerful language to interpret this timeless.

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