This International professional company is dedicated to Flamenco as an ever-evolving art form. The innovative and creative dancers of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa AKA La Rosa Flamenco Theatre, under the Artistic Direction of founder Ilisa Rosal, present Flamenco dance in a theatrical setting - expanding the art form beyond traditional limits to reach and enlighten students and audiences with its beauty and magic.

A Miami-based dance company, made up of artists from the United States, Latin America and Spain. Ballet Flamenco La Rosa has performed to sell-out crowds and received critical acclaim in both the artistic mainstream and in the "Tablaos" (Flamenco Clubs) of Little Havana since 1985. Ballet Flamenco La Rosa enthralls and beguiles audiences with performances and workshops throughout its concert season. The private and public sectors as well as National, State, County and City Grants enthusiastically and consistently support the company's impressive work.

A non-profit organization, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa implements programs to increase public awareness of this art form from Lecture/Demonstrations in public schools, libraries and community centers, to performances at festivals and all types of public and private events.

Currently implementing an outreach program of classes and performances at inner city schools, they are committed to educating the community to create more sensivity and cultural awareness. With unique cross-cultural collaborations, International Guest Artists and a superb Flamenco repertory, this is one of the only U.S. companies dedicated to the development and presentation of the Art of Flamenco.

The dancers of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa are creators. The combination of sophisticated theatre, traditional Flamenco and original choreography allows the company to present a consummate theatre experience. Their continuing quest to create new artistic forms is furthered by intricate collaborative works. This ground breaking approach traces the connection between Flamenco and other styles of dance, exploring the common elements and developing new dance forms. These collaborations, from Jazz, Tap, Blues, to Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban, Sefardic, & Indian Dance, offer the community the opportunity to see different cultures' art forms taken to new heights.

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa is devoted to enhancing the dance community through work with Internationally renowned Guest Artists. The symbiotic relationship between these dancers and musicians acts as a catalyst for creativity. The company develops its repertory and style and provides these Guest Artists with a vehicle on which to create new works.

Workshops give audiences and students a hands-on perspective of this work and allow the community to participate in this exciting art form. In its dramatic Flamenco Ballets, interpreting classic universal themes, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa joins drama and dance. Intense, intriguing, and inspired works use Flamenco as an idiom to express ideas that are not necessarily part of the Flamenco tradition. The result is extraordinary.

Recent works include Herodias, a powerful dramatic Ballet incorporating Middle Eastern music and dance and Flamenco, with Guest Artists Siudy Garrido from Venezuela and Curillo De Bormujo, first dancer with The National Ballet of Spain, and Encuentro, a spectacular Middle Eastern and Flamenco Ballet featuring the legendary Manolete.

The World Premiere of "Las Brujas de Salem", a new Flamenco Ballet inspired by "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, featured Manolete and forty dancers and musicians from Spain, Latin America and The U.S. In 2008, the company presented "Celtic Callings" in collaboration with the Breffni Irish Dancers for the Miami Beach Dance Festival, and in 2009, "Rey Lear", inspired by Shakespeare's King Lear.

For 2010, the company produced another world premiere original Flamenco Ballet, La Dama Macbeth, inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth, and in 2011 presented "Cleopatra y Cesar", a flamenco Ballet inspired by George Bernard Shaw's play "Caesar and Cleopatra" which premiered on April 2 and 3 at The Colony Theatre.
The company provides numerous educational opportunities for the whole community. Daily classes are offered in all forms of Dance, Music, and Theater for all levels, ages 3 to 103.

These programs are offered in collaboration with PAN, Performing Arts Network, a coalition of individual performing artists and arts organizations, representing diverse disciplines and cultures.

For more information about the performances or any of our other programs, please call (305) 899 7729.
Also, please ask about volunteering opportunities to help support this exciting company...